Welcome to David-Parry.co.uk

You are probably here because I mentioned this website recently.

My mobile number is

07713 182121

You are probably wanting to save money on your bills.

I am a partner (agent) of  Utility Warehouse

Use this link to get info direct from them.

 Utility Warehouse

You can watch a video about them that Ben Fogle hosts.

Then follow the online method to join.

If you choose to open an account with them you will save money on your gas, electricity, broadband, house insurance and,


your mobile bills.

for example my wife and I get unlimited calls, texts and internet for £30pm for BOTH sim cards. (£18 plus £12)

You can ring, or text, me to ask about renting one of my houses.

They are all currently fully let. but you can have a look at my houses page here:


If you came here looking for driving lessons, I'm sorry but you are a bit late. I retired as an ADI a few years ago.